Sunday, August 3, 2014

First time playing DayZ

I've heard about "DayZ" for a big big while now, since it was just a mod for Arma II. Then, one of my friend tells me that they're going to make a standalone version of the game. So I decided that when it comes out, I'm going to buy it.

The game's been out for a while now, but I just purchased it recently.

Here is me, in the game. I may look like this for a couple more days before getting shoot at and start over.

Let's get to the point. I'm creating this blog to share my experience as a new player to this game, and provide a guide for those who face the same problems.

First thing first my friends. Right after I installed the game, I run the game. The first button I pressed is "Configure" not "Play". To be honest, I really did have trouble with the configuration.

So here going be my configuration on the graphic of this game. By the way I'm using R9 270X graphic card(if you wonder).

for VIDEO:
Overall - Custom
Resolution - you know..
VSync - Disabled

Just what you prefer (restart to make it work).

Object - Very low
Terrain - Very low
Clouds - Disabled
Shadow - High

Video memory - Auto
Texture Detail - Very high
Texture filtering - High

Anti-aliasing - High
Alpha to coverage - Disabled
Edge smoothing - FXAA very high
HDR quality - Very low
Ambient Occlusion - Disabled
Postprocess quality - Disabled
Bloom - Non(all the way to the left).
Rotation blur - Non.

So it's going to look like this..

And that's pretty much it. Hope you enjoy the game like I do. Next time will be how I survive in DayZ, actually I died three to four times before getting a hang of this.

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